Discounted Bank Notes


Here are some strategies that are employed by discount note buyers...
1. Buy and Hold - purchase a performing note at a discount for an improved return.
2. Buy, Renegotiate and Hold - establish a new rate/term with borrower.
3. Buy and Flip - buy and then sell a note at a profit.
4. Buy a non-performing note to acquire the asset for investment or resale.
We provide a variety of value-added services - everything from providing a BPO (Broker's Price Opinion) for the underlying acting as listing agent for the downstream sale of the note or property. For Investment Buy and Hold Strategies, we also offer full property management services.
We offer buyers and sellers a comprehensive set of services that facilitate the sale of bank notes (both performing and non-performing) that are held by banks and private investors. These notes are typically secured by underlying real estate assets.
The process is simple...
1. A bank/investor places a listing on our site for the sale of a single note or bundle of notes.
2. A buyer identifies a listing of interest and contacts us by selecting Contact Us.
3. We execute an NCND (non-circumvention, non-disclosure) agreement with the buyer.
4. We provide details regarding the asking price, original note terms and the RE asset.
5. We offer optional services, including market valuation BPO's for the RE asset.
6. We facilitate the transaction to closing.
* The note holder establishes the commission structure as part of the listing agreement.
   There are no set additional fees and commission is only paid with a successful closing. 
Why Use Our Services

Four Reasons to Use Our Service…

1. REACH…our expansive use of social media ensures that your listing will be seen by thousands of investors, in a dynamic “marketplace”. We proactively seek buyers in a “push” model, using,, Facebook, WordPress and our proprietary global email notification list. 
          ..."picked as #80 in top 150 commercial agents to follow on LinkedIn"
2. FEE STRUCTURE…we do not require an exclusive listing agreement; there are no up-front fees and a commission is paid only upon a successful closing.
3. PERSONAL SERVICE…we manage each listing personally, actively facilitating each transaction through closing. We also offer ancillary services through our Real Estate relationships, including BPO’s (Broker Price Opinion) and all aspects of due diligence. Confidentiality is assured at all times. Check out our credentials on the About Us page. Let us exceed your expectations!
4. FULLY LICENSED…we meet all legal requirements to broker the sale of mortgage loans to non-institutional investors, per FL Statute Chapter 494, in contrast to many other real estate brokers who may not be properly licensed.
Bankers and noteholders - contact us to discuss your listing